How to Pack Cold Snacks in your Kid’s Lunch

Cool Cups Black CherryIt’s back-to-school time, time to think about packing lunches for your young ones. Packed lunch provides the comfort of home when your child faces changes and challenges at school. Providing lunchtime smiles has prompted many clever lunch ideas like peanut butter and jelly “sushi” rolls, happy face sandwiches, and the bento box craze.

While assembling the cutest lunch that provides your child with the best nutrition and impresses your kid’s lunch mates, it is important to keep food safety in mind. We all know that hot food needs to stay hot and cold food needs to stay cold. We have a few more tips to help you pack a safe lunch:

  • Use an insulated lunch bag or box and ice pack. Clean both daily.
  • For hot soups, fill a thermos with hot water. Let the water sit for 30 minutes. Dump out the water and fill the warm thermos with hot soup. Seal immediately.
  • Prepare sandwiches or wraps ahead of time. Freeze them overnight so they stay cool until lunch.
  • Keep perishable fruits and vegetables chilled until it’s time to pack the lunch.
  • Freeze your Cool Cups so they travel better and stay chilled. They make a great “cold core” for a packed lunch.
  • Pack the lunch as your child brushes teeth and puts on shoes. Keep everything cold as long as possible.

You might try the Core of Cold technique for packing lunch. Start with your ice pack in the center of the bag or box. Put your frozen Cool Cups right next to the ice pack. Continue circling around the ice pack with your cold sandwich, veggie sticks, and chilled fruit. Circle that layer with chips or crackers and fruit leather. All of the cold goods get packed by the ice pack, and the non-perishables insulate the cold foods on the outside.

Don’t forget to add Cool Cups to your grocery list for back-to-school! How about a coupon?


Cool Cups Vegan Banana Split

Vegan Banana SplitSummertime has all the great snacks. Maybe it’s the “lazy” feel of the long, hot days; or maybe it’s the lack of school and abundance of free time for the kiddos, but this time of year just feels like the perfect fit for a nice, cold, tasty treat. Like Cool Cups. Who doesn’t enjoy the all natural flavors of our vegan gelatin?

Summer’s not quite over yet — the Autumnal Equinox isn’t until September 23rd — so there is plenty of time to enjoy all the summertime snacks you can.

To get things rolling, here’s our recipe for a simple and fun Cool Cups banana split!

Total Prep Time: 5 minutes


  • 1 medium banana, peeled and split
  • 1 or more scoops of vegan ice cream (We used So Delicious Coconut Vanilla Bean)
  • 1 Cool Cup (We used Black Cherry)
  • Nuts and fruit as garnish


Scoop ice cream onto banana. Top banana and ice cream with Cool Cup. Sprinkle nuts and fruit over dessert. Serve immediately.

Want to share your Cool Cups Creamy Split with a friend? Add more ice cream and Cool Cups! You can find Cool Cups All Natural Gelatin Free Snacks at Whole Foods, Local Natural Foods Markets and Co-Ops, and select Ralphs locations in Southern California.

Get to Know the Visionary behind Cool Cups Vegan Snacks

Black CherryHello! My name is Andrew, and I’m a new addition to the team. I used to love gelatin, but hadn’t really eaten any since I found out what it’s actually made from. When I first heard of Cool Cups Vegan Snacks, I was excited to discover someone had devised a way to make an all-natural “gelatin” with no animal bi-products.

That someone is Tom Mosk, co-founder and CEO of Cool Cups. He sat down for a quick chat about Cool Cups. Here’s how it went down:

Andrew: It’s summertime, and summer always reminds me of being kid. School’s out, the weather is amazing, and I’m just out having a great time. Like most kids, I’m sure you grew up eating and loving gelatin, and a certain brand name, which shall remain nameless, in particular.

Tom: My grandmother would always have a bowl of gelatin and fruit when I went to visit her.  I loved it and looked forward to it every time.

Andrew: It’s great isn’t it? Of course, when we were kids, we didn’t know what was actually in gelatin.

Tom: When I stopped eating meat and realized that gelatin had animal bi-products, I couldn’t find any gelatin free ‘jellos’ so I decided to create some for me and for all vegetarians and vegans who felt the same way I did.

Andrew: Traditional gelatin snacks are made from rendered hooves, bones, and skin (yuck!) but that’s not the only bad thing they contain, right?

Tom: Almost all other commercial gelatin snacks have lots of refined  sugar or artificial sweeteners that are really bad for you. We discovered how to make our Cool Cups with all natural ingredients and not have any food colorings, no preservatives, no gluten, no GMOs, No HFCs, dairy free, fat free; and still be super refreshingly delicious.

Andrew: And they are delicious! The first time I tried one, I was delightfully surprised at how good they are. But let me tell you, one of my favorite things about Cool Cups is the “jiggle.” How long did it take you to find a recipe that had that unmistakable gelatin jiggle?

Tom: Getting the fun jiggle in Cool Cups wasn’t easy. It took development and care, and we did it!.

Andrew: I know you’re always cooking up something amazing. Anything exciting coming to Cool Cups in the not too distant future?

Tom: We are very excited to be introducing very soon our new Low Calorie line of Cool Cups both in 4oz 4 packs  for families and single Grab and Go 5oz  for everyone at work or on the go. We’ve been working on this for a while, we are so proud to have created what might be one of the lowest calorie all natural snacks available anywhere.

Andrew: That’s fantastic! Any new flavors?

Tom: Our Low Calorie Cool Cups will be out with 3 new flavors: strawberry, lemon lime and pink lemonade.

Andrew: They all sound great, but I can’t wait to try strawberry. So break it down for me. How low calorie are we talking about?

Tom: There’s less than 6g of sugar using natural cane sugar and monkfruit, 4g of dietary fiber, low sodium, and 18mg of calcium; and the amazing thing is that they are only 50 calories for the 5oz Grab and Go’s and 40 calories for the 4oz’s. And only 10g of total Carbohydrates!

Andrew: Simply amazing! I can’t wait to try them all! Thanks for chatting with me, Tom.

Tom: You are most welcome.

Which of the new flavors are you most excited about? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! In the meantime, be sure to look for Cool Cups at your local Whole Foods, local natural foods markets, co-ops, or participating Ralphs!

Cool Cups Cool Kids Show Up To Help Heal The Bay’s Nothin’ But Sand Cleanup

Cool Cups Cool Kids Show Up To Help Heal The Bay’s Nothin’ But Sand Cleanup. Cool Cups Cool Kids Help Heal The Bay Clean our beaches.  From Mars Academy’s Kid Cool Cups Cool Kids Help Cs Make A Difference i

On Saturday February 15, several of our Cool Cups Cool Kids from Mars Academy’s Kids Make A Difference in the Valley: came down to the Will Rogers State Beach in the Pacific Palisades to help clean up the beach. Cool Cups cares about our Ocean and beaches and supports Heal The Bay’s efforts throughout the year. Cool Cups All Natural Gelatin Free Snacks are made with seaweed instead of gelatin from animal by-products.
For More Information on how you can help clean our beaches visit Heal the Bay


Cool Cups “All Natural Vegan Gelatin Free Snacks” Announces Non-GMO Project Verification.

Santa Monica, CA. Jan. 17, 2013Cool Cups, the #1 Selling  ALL NATURAL Vegan Gelatin Free Snacks in America, announces its Cool Cups product line has received Non-GMO Verification by the Non-GMO Project.

12-3256 Cyber Monday TeaserCool Cups has always been committed to providing sustainably sourced, vegan, gluten free, all natural products, making this verification a natural step in sharing this promise with customers.

“We’re excited and proud to participate in the Non-GMO Project,” commented Tom Mosk, Cool Cups CEO/Founder. “Cool Cups was created with the thought in mind that customers should be able to be well informed about our ingredients. Now they can also make the choice whether or not to eat genetically modified organisms. Since the beginning we have cared about offering an All Natural, “Better Choice” snack with nothing artificial and no animal bi-products.”

Cool Cups Natural Black Cherry, Natural Orange and Natural Peach Mango, come in a pack of four 4 oz servings and can be found at Whole Foods Markets and  independent Natural food markets and Co-ops. Packs of 24 and 48 servings are available for Food Services for Schools and Hospitals.

Cool Cups is committed to be a Non-GMO company.  In 2013 all new products will be Non-GMO including  the new Dry Mixes, Cool Cups Puddings and the 5 oz “Grab & Go” reduced calories single servings which will be featured in Booth #2491 at the Expo West 2013 in Anaheim CA.

Cool Cups is active year round raising funds and supporting environmental and community causes such as: Heal the Bay, Childrens Hospitals, The Motion Picture & Television Fund, Lowell Summer Music Series and the Veterans Holiday Celebration. Cool Cups sponsors events to help bring entertainment, educational and recreational opportunities to children, veterans and the elderly.

Cool Cups Honors Entertainment Industry Pioneers

Actors, magicians, jugglers, producers and writers, the Actors Forum Theatre, The Magic Castle Outreach Committee and the Cool Cups Outreach Team came together to support, honor and entertain the community of entertainment industry legends and pioneers now residing at the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) retirement village in Woodland Hills, CA.

In a collective gesture of bringing fun and amazement to all, an evening of magic and vaudeville filled with fun and amazement was staged at the MPTF’s Louis B Mayer Theatre. Residents, family members and members of the community where treated to free Cool Cups and got to play the Cool World Challenge Eco Arcade games lead by the Cool Cups Outreach Team.

Billy Revel, composer and arranger from the Actors Forum Theater, opened the show with a magnificent piano concerto and movie theme songs. Master of Ceremonies Brandon Scott a frequent headliner at the Magic Castle,  performed his comedy and magic and had the entire audience laughing and singing.

Harry Evry, innovated creative visionary and member of the Magic Castle, shared his thoughts: “I want to give my appreciation to the audience who invited us to be here and who allowed us to come and give back to these people who really are heroes to all of us. The entire media and entertainment world that we know was shaped by the very people we got to perform for today.

Marty Seidman a ninety-nine year old resident who was both a magician and a manufacturer of magic in the early 1900s remarked; “I’m coming to the magic show. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

The day after the event, Bob Beitcher, CEO for the Motion Picture Television Fund, sent a note to the producers and talent: “The residents were still buzzing all day Thursday about the show. They really enjoyed it and appreciated everyone coming to the campus to entertain them. I even saw a few of them sitting outside in the morning eating their Cool Cups. They needed them. By mid morning it was over 100 degrees.”
Click here to
See video and read the full story.

Cool Cups, the All Natural Gelatin-Free Dessert, sponsored the event. Cool Cups is active year round raising funds and supporting environmental and community causes such as The Magic Castle’s Outreach Committee, the MTVF and Heal the Bay. Cool Cups sponsors events to help bring entertainment, educational and recreational opportunities to children, veterans and the elderly.
Cool Cups

COOL CUPS Supports Youth Music and Environmental Awareness At The Lowell Summer Music Series


Cool Cups supports and sponsors the Lowell Summer Music Series for kids.

Lowell, Massachusetts, July 26.2012
The Lowell Summer Music Series offers FREE MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT to the kids in the Lowell area.Image  This summer, Cool Cups is very proud to join radio station 92.5 The River in supporting youth art, music and education in Lowell and will be handing out free “natural” snacks to all attendees. Like 92.5 The River, Cool-Cups believes “Music Matters” and so does the environment.

For over three years, Cool Cups has been involved in sponsoring and supporting programs that inspire music, art and Eco-awareness; and is now bringing support to the East Coast communities with the goal to expanding environmental awareness all across the United States. “We are thrilled to participate this year supporting such a wonderful event,” commented Brandon Scott, events and promotions director for Cool Cups. “My family is from Massachusetts and it brings me great joy to help bring free music and entertainment to the kids in the community.”

Cool Cups is the creator of a very popular national line of natural vegetarian desserts and the top seller of Natural Gelatin Free Desserts  in America.  All of Cool Cups products are 100% natural. No artificial flavoring, no food coloring, no GMO, gluten free, made with no animal bi-products and produced with environmental consciousness.

The Lowell Summer Music Festival is part of Lowell National Historical Park, whose mission is to preserve and revitalize the park.  The park embraces sustainable technology, with two wind turbines, two solar panels and Eco-friendly L.E.D. lights lighting the stages.

According to Cool Cups President, Tom Mosk, “Cool Cups is delighted to support this exciting event and looks forward to participating in many more events in Massachusetts. We are committed to continuing to support youth art, music, health and Eco-awareness programs, to developing “better for you” natural snacks; and to help in the global efforts of reducing environmental impact, minimizing waste, conserving resources and recycling materials.”

It is through support of programs like the Lowell Summer Music Festival that Cool Cups has earned the nickname, the Snack that Cares. Cool Cups is additionally  developing a whole arcade of fun and educational Eco-games to bring even more excitement and environmental awareness to fund raisers, festivals and Eco-events.

Cool Cups can be found at your local Whole Foods Markets and many health food stores throughout the country.

Lowell Summer Music Series Kids Events Schedule:

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Cool Cups websites :

Stacey Peasley performs at the Lowell Music Summer Series

Cool Cups Joins Kaiser Permanente’s Summer Carnival

Riverdale Park, Anaheim, CA, July 25, 2012
On a beautiful Summer day at the Riverdale Park adjacent to Kaiser Permanente Orange County Area in Anaheim, the staff, nurses and doctors of Kaiser Permanente’s Hematology/Oncology department, put on a special carnival for the in-patients, children of the community and their families. Cool Cups helped to sponsor a variety of games, magicians from Hollywood’s World Famous Magic Castle and free natural vegetarian gelatin desserts to the participating kids and their parents.

Kaiser Permanente’s nurse Beth and her daughter volunteered for the event and help give out Cool Cups to guests. Pictured here with Cool Cups Eco-Arcade Game “Veggie World Challenge”

With the  increase of dietary awareness throughout the community, and within the hospital food services; Cool Cups is proud to be part of the “better for you” clear food choices for patients with dietary concerns and special needs. Gelatin desserts have always been a mainstay of the hospital menu. Most gelatins typically are made with artificial ingredients and colors, and often contain a very wide range of animal products and by-products. Cool Cups has developed a  healthy natural alternative to gelatin based snacks, made without artificial flavoring,  food coloring, GMO, gluten or any animal bi-products. Cool Cups products are 100% natural and vegetarian.

With a very active community outreach program, Cool Cups focuses on promoting healthier foods and environmental awareness.  According to Cool Cups President, Tom Mosk, “Cool Cups is delighted to support this exciting event with Kaiser Permanente and looks forward to participating in many more events like this throughout the nation. This is only the beginning.
In addition to bringing entertainment, and our popular and delicious Cool Cups snacks, we are developing a whole new Eco-arcade of fun and educational Eco-games to bring even more excitement and environmental awareness to these types of community festivals and events.”

Magic Castle Magician Brandon Scott with Marci Melnick (Kaiser Permanente’s Orange County Area Medical Social Worker) and her kids with the Cool Cups Eco-Toss board game.

It is through support of programs like this and many others that Cool Cups has earned the nickname, the Snack that Cares. Cool Cups, a Santa Monica, Ca, based small business, is the number one selling  Natural Gelatin Free Desserts in America, and has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for its dedication to health, children, the arts and education; and for its ongoing efforts to create and introduce healthier snacks and more nutritious and environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional snack foods throughout our community.

Read more about:
Natural Vegetarian Gelatin Alternative to “Jello” Replacement.

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Cool Cups Receives City Award of Recognition For Healthier Snacks

On Tuesday Feb 28th, 2012,

At the introductory ceremony of the History of Medicine forum held at the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine (IGM Art Gallery , Certificates of Recognition, from the City of Los Angeles, signed by Councilman Ed Reyes were presented to Brandon Scott and Tom Mosk of CoolCups and

Magician, spokesman and world renowned entertainer Brandon Scott accepts a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of himself, Tom Mosk, CoolCups and, for their dedication to health, the arts and education; for supporting programs like this forum, CoolUp Our Schools and the Transmersive Medicine Media Laboratory; and for their efforts to create and introduce healthier snacks and more nutritious and environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional snack foods.
Marisol Salguerro (City of Los Angeles) and Brandon Scott (Cool Cups- CoolupTV)